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{skins} - lilykat
...pretty little rags and bones.
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09.16.09 - Whedonized
{skins} - lilykat
Alright guys this is the latest New Moon trailer. What? I'm sure it said 'Sunnydale' not 'Forks' in my copy. Watch it.

09.09.09 - my turn to pimp
{skins} - lilykat
First of all I'm really sorry I keep disappearing off the face of the planet, I do this frequently I know but this time I'm going to do my best to catch up with everyone and maybe do some good around here ;) Please don't feel neglected if it takes me two months or more to get back to you I'm a lazy ass person given poor memory skills! So onto what's new, me and marilyne_22 are up to some bad bat business with our extra spicey graphic resources community: batsdoitbetter! Members only so join if you're in for some textures in various sizes and shapes and stock madness!

I've also decided to open up my own community for my icons, mostly because I want to keep my f-list tidy, so check out fluorescentink for my latest bunch of supernatural icons!

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
+ 8 more HERE @ fluorescentink
05.25.09 - mm update
{skins} - lilykat
Three weeks later heading for a fourth and I'm still sick as hell, major suckage. My grades will drop if I don't come back to school this week to do the bunch of exams that I've missed. Seriously no matter how much I like the kissing, it's simply not worth it. From now on I'm gonna buy myself a cat and start knitting, celibacy here I come!

I did however update Mongrel Minds in my distress with a new lay (not as sexy as the last one I admit but it's vieweble), the texture bunch that I dropped off some days ago (plus two newbies), 17 webicons and three wallapers. Head over and have a look if you like and the tagboard is now under the little pen icon in my navigation/sidebar, to avoid further confusions.

art + webiconsCollapse )
{skins} - lilykat

I finally had some time over from my so-called-studying, which I'm quite the pro at btw, and since my muse has gone of to st elsewhere I needed to get rid of my creative over-flow somehow, so voila, textures in majors!

11 textures in sizes 1024x768 for fanart makers! Teasers:

find them hereCollapse )
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